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Grandomics is an internationally-renowned pioneer in third-generation sequencing (TGS). Founded on August 8, 2011, our company was previously known by the brand Nextomics, and is the first company in China providing third-generation sequencing services. For many years, we have established a sophisticated set of applications for  leading TGS platform, featuring four key modules: “genome research services,” “clinical services,” “bioinformatics,” and “advanced manufacturing.” Nearly 7,000 square meters of research service platforms, medical testing laboratories, and GMP production plants have been constructed in cities such as Beijing, Wuhan, and Suzhou. These facilities are filled with highly advanced platforms such as the ONT PromethION 48, the PacBio Sequel II, the MGISEQ2000, and the Bionano Saphyr . Moreover, we have independently developed NextDenovo/NextPolish TGS assembly software,   GrandSV/NextSV structural variation analysis software, GrandPathogen microbial and pathogenic detection software,  GrandBox genetically inherited disease analysis software,  SCAN-seq TGS single cell sequencing technology,  Pore-C/Hi-C Next Generation 3D Genome Technology,  LAMP-Pore Nanopore SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Detection Technology, and  dbSV Human Genome Structural Variation Database. Simultaneously, we built Huawei Cloud TGS High Performance Computing Cluster to provide high-quality third-generation sequencing analysis and storage services for our clients. The company’s core team is composed of highly experienced experts in the TGS field, with a Master Degree and PhD proportion of over 50%. On the 2020 Nature Index, Grandomics was ranked second in China’s sequencing industry.

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