Development History


In June 2014, Grandomics was officially established as the third-generation precision medical company in China

In September 2014, “HX1” as China’s first third-generation reference genome project was launched


In December 2015, Grandomics initiated the CHPO project establishing the new standard for the diagnosis of genetic diseases in China

In December 2015, Grandomics officially joined Global Alliance for Genomics & Health (GA4GH)


In January 2016, Grandomics completed an angel round financing, established a Wuhan laboratory and signed the PacBio Sequel

In February 2016, the Chinese Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD) and Grandomics, BGI, and other genetic diagnosis agencies jointly launched the “Because Love” rare genetic diagnosis program

In June 2016, Grandomics ranked first in the finals of the third “HuaChuang Cup” entrepreneurial competition and won the second prize of this competition

In December 2016, Grandomics completed a round of nearly 100 million yuan financing


In March 2017, Grandomics completed the construction of the Beijing laboratory and held the launching ceremony of the third-generation sequencing center (PacBio)

In May 2017, Grandomics introduced the Bionano SaphyrTM platform

In September 2017, Grandomics became the Oxford Nanopore sequencing center

In November 2017, Grandomics teamed up with the Beijing Computing Center to build a joint laboratory


In January 2018, Nextomics, a subsidiary of Grandomics, was certified as a Nanopore Certified Service Provider and became the exclusive company in China that has passed the official sequencing service certification of Oxford Nanopore

In January 2018, Grandomics received the honorary title of“zhongguancun golden seed enterprise”

In April 2018, Grandomics received the honorary title of “Beijing Patent Pilot Unit”