N 6 -Methyladenine DNA Modification in the Human Genome

Molecular Cell          Published:19 July 2018

Abstract:DNA N 6 -methyladenine (6mA) modification is the most prevalent DNA modification in prokaryotes, but whether it exists in human cells and whether it plays a role in human diseases remain enigmatic.Here, we showed that 6mA is extensively present in the human genome, and we cataloged 881,240 6mA sites accounting for ?0.051% of the total adenines.[G/C]AGG[C/T]wasthemostsignificantlyassociated motif with 6mA modification. 6mA sites were en-riched in the coding regions and mark actively tran-scribed genes in human cells. DNA 6mA and N 6 -de-
methyladenine modification in the human genome were mediated by methyltransferase N6AMT1 and demethylase ALKBH1, respectively. The abundance of 6mA was significantly lower in cancers, accompa-nied by decreased N6AMT1 and increased ALKBH1 levels, and downregulation of 6mA modification levels promoted tumorigenesis. Collectively, our re-sults demonstrate that DNA 6mA modification is extensively present in human cells and the decrease of genomic DNA 6mA promotes human tumori-genesis.

Read the original articlehttps://www.cell.com/molecular-cell/fulltext/S1097-2765(18)30460-X

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